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Absolut Artists' Sites

Charles Becker

Experience the magic realism of Charles Becker.
Romero Britto

A virtual exhibit of his works online for your enjoyment. Beautiful sculptures and works of art, ad campaigns for Absolut Vodka.
Jon Coffelt

Jon did "Absolut Alabama" for the Absolut Statehood Campaign. His work is also included in the Absolut musee and in the collection of then CEO Michel Roux and also simultcaster Peter Tunney.
Hans-Godo Frabel.

Hans-Godo Frabel's Homepage.
Steve Double.

Steve Double's Homepage.
Evan Polenghi

3-time Absolut Artist Evan Polenghi's Homepage.
Marcia G. Yerman

Marcia Yerman's Homepage.
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Other Absolut Homepages
Absolut Vodka's Official Site

An AMAZING resource for collectors.. Keeps up with new ads...
Absolut Regis
A website with a forum where all Absolut collectors can discuss and exchange their Absolut items

Great Absolut site from Sweden.. Go Fredrik!
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