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It's an Absolut-ly unabashed commercial salute to one brand of vodka that has almost single-handedly defined the shape of creative magazine advertising for many years. New York City adman Lewis not only recounts the beginnings of the campaign and the U.S. launch but also documents the story of the long-term business relationship between client and agency. This 15-year saga of bottle as hero shows, first, relatively conservative ads (Absolut joy, Absolut anticipation, Absolut generosity), then segues to the by-now-expected, break-through-the-clutter commercial: the 1987 musical "holiday song" chip, a plastic record, and a packet of flower seeds. Best are the captions and some of the behind-the-scenes footage and prose, such as the fact that wheat was used to attract pigeons to Piazza San Marco to form the shape of a bottle of--what else? Absolut Venice, of course. Barbara Jacobs

This definitive illustrated history of one of the most successful ad campaigns ever is a collector's delight that brings together nearly 500 ads, including a rogues' gallery of reject ads never before published. The author has been in charge of the Absolut Vodka advertising account since 1987. Over 500 color plates.

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History of Absolut advertisements as well as a collection..., March 26, 1997
"Absolut Book" covers the evolution of advertisements for Absolut Vodka and the people behind these ads. Most of the book is dedicated to the actual ads, broken up into groups, with captions detailing the ideas and providing additional information. Fascinating for its insight into the Absolut ads creation process. The book also includes some never published prints. An Absolut must for collectors or anyone who enjoys print advertising. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Absolut Awesome book!, November 27, 2001
Wow! This book is an Absolut spectacular book! It explains everything from start to finish. This book also includes creative advertisements found in magazines. I may be sounding like a solicitor now, but I'm really too young to do that. Absolut Book is a fabulous book and is definitely going in my shopping cart! --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Absolut great book!, June 13, 2001
Reviewer: Izzy from St Louis Park, MN United States
Wow! After reading this, I was raving to my friends about this creative book. I've never read anything like it! Richard W. Lewis has written an Absolut awesome story about the making of this company. After the first couple pages of reading, I couldn't stop myself! So I give this book a five star rating for it's creative, informative, and easy to understand literature. I'm also giving it five stars for it's vast collection of Absolut Vodka advertisements. Clearly, this book is not only a book that teaches you things, but is really fun to read!

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